Anonymous said: So its new years eve and I'm typing this to you. I think you're absolutely breathtaking and hella gorgeous. I've had a huge crush on you for a long time but it sucks because I'm too young for you and I'd never have a chance. Have a wonderful new year and I love you immensely much. We've talked before in the past and you've helped me more than you can even imagine. You're really something special.

i know i’m kind of late, but wow thank you so much. i’m so glad i had the chance to help you out. this is probably the sweetest message i’ve ever received. part of me doesn’t want to answer it just so i can keep it in my ask forever because it made me smile, but you deserve a huge thank you. you’re a sweetheart, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3


Real Friends @ The Nether Bar… Alyssa Reynolds 
Im in  this picture!!!!!!!!!

Pentimento- Just Friends (x)

Sleeping With Sirens by Hunter Wallace Photo on Flickr.
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